Perfect teeth for the perfect day

When people first come to us with a deadline we always do our best to meet it. Recently this patient came to us with a very important deadline in mind - her wedding day - and we were able to make sure that her smile was picture perfect in time for her big day. We had less than six months to fix this patients smile. She was unhappy with her crooked teeth and wanted a brighter smile. It took less than three months to transform her smile - ten weeks of tooth coloured braces and a little tooth whitening using trays that she wore at home gave a fantastic result. She was absolutely delighted with the results.

Icy accident turns into a warm smile

Whilst out running on an icy day this patient had an unfortunate accident and came to us with a some damaged front teeth and a desire to change his smile. First we made sure that he was comfortable by providing an emergency bridge to fill the space while the gums healed. Then we went through a thorough treatment plan and decided to use the latest technology in tooth restoration - our Cerec machine - to reconstruct his front teeth. This treatment was completed in just two visits.

Back to their former glory

Tired of his chipped and stained front teeth, we helped this patient find his warm and friendly smile again in just 2 hours of treatment. We restored the teeth using a white filling material and the patient was delighted with his new strong and healthy teeth.

Restoring confidence

This patient wanted to restore her smile as she wanted to feel confident again when dealing with customers. We helped her by using the latest smile design technology and restored her smile in 2 hours of treatment using a conservative 'bonding' technique, and she was delighted with the results.